Gus Dur On Religion Democracy And Peace

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Gus Durs book, about religion, democracy and peace, is a book that contains a collection of various kinds of essays that describe Gus Durs thoughts as a political actor in looking at Islam. This book contains four chapters in which the first chapter contains four essays which in its entirety introduce the figure of a Gus Dur and his views on Islam which are also supported by family background and educational background of a Gus Dur.

The first chapter also consisting of four essay that brings Gus Dur thoughts on relationship between Islam, nation state and democracy. Chapter 2 contains five essays on Islam and culture. Gus Dur states that islamization must be differentiated from Arabization. The Revival of Islam, for Gus Dur, is not a formal politic revival, but it is more on the manifestations of ethical values and universal Islam. Chapter 3 consist of two essays on Gus Dur views on the enforcement of human rights and social movement. Through the understanding of rights that began growing on his time, Gus Dur questioned the liberal perspective in rights campaign and the importance of economical dignity. Without the existence of economy, it is impossible to enforce human rights. The chapter 4 present two essays on Gus Dur views on reconciliation and anti-violent attitude.

In this book, Gus Dur emphasized that the ideologization of religion must be distinguished into the state of life with religious morality into the life of the state. At this level religion and politics can be connected and not at the level of ideology. That is, how religion can be a source of dignified political morality as a necessity to create an honest and responsible government for the people. Gus Durs rejection of Islamic ideologization, because it will lead to violence. He rejects violence, especially in the name of religion. Gus Durs non-violent attitude is based on QS. al-Baqarah/2: 2


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